Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rubistar site

After my graduate class last night, I found out that posting this site may help lots of educators.

In addition, here are some others you may like to use in your educational pursuits:

QuizStar Construct online quizzes that can include multimedia.

Arcademic Skill Builders Educational Games for students to polish math and language skills.

PersuadeStar Provides tools for students to write persuasive essays.

Classroom Architect Design a floor plan for your classroom.

Equity Locate resources and tools to help you meet the needs of a diverse classroom.

TrackStar View thousands of online lessons or quickly create your own.

Assign-A-Day Post your own online class calendar with hyperlinks and projects.

Casa Notes Assemble take-home notes in English and Spanish.

PBL Checklists Make custom checklists for multiple projects.

Teacher Tacklebox Locate top-rated Tracks, WebQuests, and ThinkQuests for your subject.

Web Poster Wizard Make and post a simple Web page within minutes.

NoteStar Assist students with collecting group notes and citations for papers.

Think Tank Helps student set up topics for reports. Use alone or with NoteStar.

KidsVid Help teachers and students use video production in class support project-based learning.

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Anonymous said...

A teacher can create his or her own custom rubrics as easily as using the form -- and modify them endlessly.
Details at

The page contains a link to a completed rubric made using the tables function in a word processor.