Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Education Today and Tomorrow video

Take a look at this video.


Jaclyn said...

I watched the video you posted! It really relates to how "old school" teachers act in schools today. They aren't open for change and adding technology into the classrooms - mostly because they don't understand how to work it. But it's like the video is saying - the world is evolving and if we don't start teaching these students in a way that they're also evolving with the times, they're going to be clueless!

PS- such a "Dr. Luongo video!" you LOVEE technology in classrooms!


Michelle said...

The video demonstrates how the world is ever evolving and that our classrooms (curriculum, ideas, teaching methods, etc.) need to be able to adapt and evolve as the world is. What worked last year may not work or be relevent this year, so the video definitely illustrates how important it is to be flexible as a teacher and to involve what the students are using and evolving with. When I was in elementary school, one of my teachers use to incorporate games, foods, and music that we, as a class, enjoyed and it helped learning become more engaging and fun. In today's classroom, being able to incorporate technology into the curriculum is very important in helping students become prepared for the world outside of the classroom.

Great video Dr. Luongo!

See you on Friday ;)


Michelle said...

Also, incorporating technology, like blogs, interests students in learning more.