Sunday, September 14, 2008

Beginning Teacher Website

Here is a neat website for beginning teachers. They have a section on student teaching and teaching tips.

This site claims to be a community of educators networking for mutual growth and support in the teaching profession. Their mission is to empower teachers and provide strategies to help them not just survive, but thrive in the classroom.

Enjoy and save this site for when you enter the classroom or become an administrator.


Katie said...

professor luongo...thank you for this website!!! i know personally i have no idea what to expect and I could use all the help I can get. This site has a lot of information! i already saved it as a favorite. Thanks again!

Kristina said...

Hi Dr. Luongo!
Thank you for posting this site. I will be student teaching next year, so I am looking forward to searching through this site for some information that may be of assistance to me. See you Tuesday! =)

Violeta said...

Hello Professor! Thanks a lot for posting this site. The available information will really help me in the near future. I believe experience is the best teacher but I know the information on this site will be very helpful as I and other future teachers will officially enter the classroom setting.

Francine said...

Hi Dr. Luongo,
Thanks so much for posting this site! There's a ton of great information here, and I'm so glad to see that something like this exists. I know I will definitely need to refer to this a lot next year--first when I do my student teaching and then definitely when I secure my first teaching job, which will hopefully be by December of next year! :)