Monday, September 15, 2008

Acceptable Use Policy Wiki Site

In response to Mark's, Katie's, and Francine's interest in school's AUPs (see comments in my Chats in Elementary Schools? posting below), take a look at this link:

This website is a dynamic document designed to support teachers, school media specialists, and education leaders in developing, maintaining, and enforcing AUPs.


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Mark Rindfuss said...

Dr. Luongo,

Thanks for the great link regarding AUPs, however, I am a little confused by the use of permission slips in schools. In my Principles and Problems of the School Administrator class at SPC, my professor explained that permission slips were not valid/legal (even if they were signed by parents).

He explained his reasoning behind it, but it was still unclear. Is there any truth to this? If they are not valid, then why do schools continue to use them? Thanks.