Saturday, September 27, 2008

Online Videos

You want to use a video... What if your school does not allow the use of YouTube?

Here are some alternatives:


tmccloskey10 said...

I like the idea of teacher tube becuase the name itself shows it's more educational oriented. The idea of You tube is more liesure and I feel that is why a lot of schools ban it's use. Could definitely use this info. Thanks.

Tommy McCloksey

Mark Rindfuss said...

I think that as long as students and teachers do not abuse the privledge of videos in class, than they should be available and used. Often I have seen the video go on and the heads go down.

One suggestion that I have for showing films in class is to always have a follow-up assignment or quiz. I tell the students to take notes on the video and then they can use those notes on the quiz. The kids may not enjoy the film, but at least they watch it because they know that they will be given a grade on it. The students also respond well becuase the quiz will be open notebook. Hope this helps.