Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Fun

Here is a link to some Super Bowl fun for you and your students.

As educators, we need to provide motivational activities to keep our students interested.

See what you can use!


Christina Gualario said...

Dr. Luongo-

This is great! I'm so glad you posted this site. My sister, Lea, is a first grade teacher and I cannot wait to pass the site on. She can really use many of the activities in her classroom and it's a perfect way to come back from a weekend.


tpalm44 said...

When dealing with daily lesson plans, I think it's important to break up the monotony of topics specifically related to education purposes only. Learning should also be fun and involving Super Bowl facts and knowledge into a daily lesson can liven things up, most importantly for kids who otherwise struggle with genuine interest at school. Other topics like music and movies probably would also pique the interest of some students, especially when you get into the middle school to high school years.