Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Word Verification Problems?

Is anyone having trouble leaving comments on blogs?

I wanted to share my problem with you. There have been several blogs that I have been unable to comment on. I write my comment and get a "Loading" message while I wait for word verification.

I searched the Help section of bloggger and found more than one other user having the same problem.

Please be patient. It is a blogger issue, and hopefully they will resolve it soon. Do not get frustrated. :)



latinaone said...

I am glad to read your post! I have been having this trouble for days, I thought it was my computer, I am still reading other classmates blogging, in one occassion I decided to say what I was going to comment in my own blog instead.

Ron's Blog said...

I just experienced the very same problem. After attempting unsuccessfully publish the first time, I actually saved my comments in a "word" document, and just kept copying/pasting and re-publishing until I finally got a ”word verification".
I know, not the most efficient manner, but it was my only remedy.