Sunday, February 8, 2009

Webquests to Web 2.0

Students in my GE555 classes are currently working on WebQuests.

I wanted to share some information and resources with them, but figured we could all benefit from them.

Take a look at this workshop link.

The web site claims, "When you combine quality Internet resources and effective technology tools with the power of Web 2.0 applications, learning comes alive for students. WebQuests are an inquiry-based approach to addressing standards that place emphasis on motivating assignments, authentic assessments, and developing independent readers and writers."

Hope this helps!

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Student Thoughts said...

This site is helpful. What I like about it, and webquests generally, is that they provide organization and structure to what would otherwise be a free-for-all on the web to complete an assignment. Webquest assignments have the potential to strike the right mix of individual inquiry and teacher-guided direction.