Monday, March 30, 2009

Campus Compare

I just received an email alert about this new website:

High School students looking to explore college options and school counselors in search of a resource for their students should examine CampusCompare, which is a new FREE online resource that merges current data on over 3,000 colleges, reviews, advice articles, financial aid calculators and more.

The website offers a variety of links to area maps, student reviews and "quick facts," and includes a tool that can predict a student’s odds of getting into any college in the U.S. Entire classes can be managed and communicated with via the website’s high school “networks.”

School counselors can use the site to monitor students from their own secure school network to schedule appointments, send individual or mass messages to students and manage key college application dates and suggest different schools that match a student’s academic and personal preferences.

Any thoughts?

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