Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Blog Mirrors "Real Life"

I have always claimed that this blog takes on a life of its own, but have not seen it happen as strongly as it has this semester. Since I am teaching several online courses, the blog is an integral part of those experiences. My graduate-level GE555 class experience has really shown me that the blog mirrors "real life".

As all students know, we feel frustration at times. This stress can be felt in class, at home, and at work. Often, we voice that concern to our professor or friends either in writing (email) or by speaking to them. What do you do in an online course? I guess you could email me (and some have) or your classmates or friends, but I have found many of my students using the blog to communicate their feelings.

For example, I think most of my GE555 students voiced concern during the WebQuest "era"/module. There were cries for help, screams of anger, and grumbles. These pleas were heard by other class member and professor and were eased with private or public discussions. I know, I know... I am exaggerating here, but my students know what I mean. ;) For those of you who are not familiar with this time period, please go back to any of the GE555 students posts from about two weeks ago. We shall call this the WebQuest Week or Two or Three...Currently, this class seems to be content again and the feelings are showing in the Blogging "era"/module.

Just thought I would share this insight with you.

Do any of you find the blog taking on a world of its own? I welcome your thoughts--or complaints!

Blog away!


Shira said...

As crazy as it sounds, afer experiencing webquest with all its mixed feelings and emotions, if a survey was conducted on if a student would rather write a essay or complete a webquest, I believe that a webquest would be prefered over an essay. It is my opinion that essays are more " old school" while webquest is very "modern". Although both are very creative,and students can use his or her imagination, a webquest is more motivational. Even in how the teacher presents the questions and tasks for webquest would peak my interest as a student if I was in a first grade class or any grade for that matter. Very Interesting!

Dr. Luongo said...

This is interesting, Shira!

As educators, we must rememebr that our students have been brought up with technolgy. IWe need to use it to motivate and inspire.

Thanks for reading and posting.

Mike's Blog said...

I agree with the blogs taking a life of its own. I am really enjoying this online course! It is my first and have the blogs really to thank for it. I have a genuine interest everyday to check the blogs, read and comment. I am learning something new everyday from the blogs. Also the class has become very convenient. I can do work before school, in between classes or at night. If only I get our school district to let me teach P.E. and Health online, I can stay home and spend more time with my 3 year old! Think I have a chance with that one? Honestly, I have gotten a great deal out of this class thus far and have only had 1 formal class meeting. Maybe this is the future of education!

tpalm44 said...

Not to sound like a brown noser, but after having heard some of the complaints in last night's class about workload and what not, I did want to mention that I feel as though the workload is definitely fair.

While some of the projects and assignments require a detailed approach in following the rubrics, I find that this level of work is definitely fair and accurate in relation to graduate level work.

Dr. Luongo said...

Thanks, Todd.

Some of the assignments may be challenging, but I think that is what makes learning exciting. I am glad I am not alone in this sentiment.

Great seeing you last night!

Donna said...

I agree with some of my classmates. I do not think the workload is very heavy and I am enjoying each assignment. Yes, the webquest was a challenge but I did get great satisfaction, as I am sure most of my classmates did, upon completion of it. I think the work load is fair also and I have to say that this my favorite graduate course so far. I have had many, I only have two more to go. I have learned a lot and do enjoy all the new things we are able to create. I hope I can take another course that is taught by Dr. Luongo.