Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Portfolio Ideas

In response to Jaclyn's recent post about portfolios, here is a link with some ideas of how to manage and organize your portfolios:


Any other ideas?

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tpalm44 said...

I am writing in response to the link and post about portfolios. I think there are some major factors to consider:

Do you have the physical space for a portfolio system? I would want to make sure it is easily accessible yet out of the way.

Do you have the organizational skills to keep a “good” system running? I know a lot of teachers who have “ideas” like this, but it ends up becoming “too much.”

How are you going to teach your students to use the system? Will they be able to take ownership of the system? I think that a good system, after a thorough explanation, should be able to almost run itself. Extra paperwork is that last thing a teacher needs. Students should know how and when to use the system.

Let’s assume we are teaching middle school social studies. (This goes out to everyone) What would your ideal system be?