Saturday, November 15, 2008

List of NJ School Districts

For all of you who are starting to look for teaching jobs, I thought I would share this site with you.

This site gives you the addresses of all NJ school districts:

Good luck!


Marianne said...

This is a great resource for applying to school districts. "Let your fingers do the walking" no longer refers to a phone book. It's now the computer. I think it is amazing how far technology has advanced in my lifetime, so far. I can't wait to see what it has in store for the future. Thank you for everything. Wow! I have been enlightened by everything you have brought to the table, with what technology has to offer! Thank you.

Dr. Luongo said...


I agree.. everything has come so far. I remember when I was searching for jobs having to call the county boards of education and request a printed packet of these addresses (many of which were VERY outdated).

Thanks for responding!

Francine said...

Thanks so much for posting this site, Dr. Luongo. I will be looking for a teaching job in New Jersey at this time next year, and it's nice to know that I have a Web site to go to to assist in the process. Obviously, a job search is always a long process, but I'm sure this site will make it much easier and cut down some of the research.

Yara said...

This website is really helpful,I already use it to find the address and information about a school near my home; Thanks DR. Luongo.

Jaclyn said...

Dr. Luongo! This site is awesome! I'm already stressing about where it would be logical for me to send out resumes and I was beginning to think I was so limited. I love how this site broke down every little piece if you clicked on the school's comparative spending guide. It'd be awesome if it also listed how many people were retiring and what grade/subject they taught! Then I'd REALLY be in business! :]

tpalm44 said...

Dr. Loungo-
Thanks for your post! That is a great website!