Thursday, November 20, 2008

Not on the Test Music Video

Any thoughts?

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Marianne said...

I think there's too much emphasis based on standardized tests and not on the child as a whole, or as an individual. Yes, there must be formal/summative assessments to monitor the progress and knowledge of a student statewide, but I feel the emphasis should be on the way teachers teach and how students learn. The process that gets a student to a certain point is what needs to be looked at.

We need to teach differently, and keep the arts alive as well. Students aquire valuable skills through the arts programs. By using technology in an effective and efficient way, we can better assist students on the road to success. It's time for change!

I think the state/NCLB is going about it all wrong. They have modified the end result of a child's ability at various grade levels instead of starting from the beginning and looking at the process it takes to get there. I think the goals are unrealistic and discouraging to teachers too. Teachers need to be more diverse and encouraged. There's so much to fit into a day. The students are overworked and the teachers are stressed out.

Music and art are not on the New Jersey standardized tests, but does that mean there is no value to them? I disagree. These subjects use higher order thinking skills, organization skills, develops good work and study habits, and uses multi-intelligences, just to name a few.

I think, for teachers, the main question to focus on is not how much we should teach, but how we should teach. In reference to the students, the main question should also be "how they should learn", not how much they should learn. The how much will fall into place if the how is addressed properly.
What do you think?