Sunday, June 22, 2008

Virtual Textbooks

Take a look at this article from Digital Directions about virtual textbooks.

How do you feel about this issue?


Rosalind The Second said...

Professor Luongo,
The reading series my school will be using next school will have an e Book component, but this will not take the place of the actual books. Initially it will be for at home. This is an asset because you always have the child who forgets books in school. I feel that especially in reading, there is nothing like holding the real deal. There is something about a book, even the smell of a brand new book. I do agree that virtual books will make it easier for students in some aspects such as not having to carry so many books or forgetting books. I don't think we should replace all books with eBooks.


Violeta said...

A lot of students could benefit from this new innovation but I am not really sure if this is something that I would promote. I cannot imagine replacing a real book with a virtual book. There is something very personal and very wonderful about holding a book and reading it. The experience cannot be replaced by something virtual.