Sunday, June 15, 2008

Technology Training for Teachers

Take a look at this article about professional development and technology.;_hbguid=f99984a6-9c03-4824-8e3a-1fcb0386c0ce&d=top-news

Any thoughts? Have you experienced any of these feelings?


Julia said...

Dear Professor,
First and foremost thank you for your SUNNY disposition, and in believing your students(our class)can achieve! Trust they all LIKE you.
According to the article regarding technology in classrooms, I agree that unforunately many teachers do not feel ADEQUATE and TRAINED to incorporate tech. in academic curriculums. I am referring to the 3rd paragraph out of about nine paragraphs. I may have been one of them, but thank God I am being well trained via SPC grad./teaching.
Since taking several courses, I will do my best to make you proud of me by involving my students in all the cutting edge tech. and teaching motivators.
Since having you as a professor this article will be obsolete to my teaching philosophy. In conclusion, we as parents and those in the teaching community have seen the wide differences among our current teachers'strategies and curr. input.

Arleen said...

When technology integration became the newest buzz term a few years ago, my school was determined for all teachers to have training and then use it in the classroom. Unfortunately, this is a lengthy process and cannot be accomplished overnight. A principal in my previous school could not understand this. As a result, I felt more computer illiterate than ever before.
Everyone wanted to "jump on the bandwagon" but there was not sufficient training nor was there enough hardware available. When I changed schools, my current school did provide more in-depth and more frequent training. Since our principal expected us to implement technology appropriately, there wasn't this need to use it for everything.
I learned to use technology as a tool for my classes, not just using it for the sake of justifying the cost. This past schoolyear, I was teaching something to my senior English class when I realized I needed to use some information from the Internet to show my class. I realized I did not need to have anything "photocopied." I just brought my class to the laptop lab. It finally occurred to me that I "did it." I did not have to "make a plan" to use technology; I just implemented it into my lesson because I needed it in order to teach my lesson. Wow! I finally felt "tech savvy" for the first time.