Thursday, June 19, 2008

High Achieving Students in the Era of No Child Left Behind

In response to Andrew's blog posting on NCLB and Rosalind's comment about gifted students, I found this piece at

Examine the article and see if you agree or disagree with the author:


Arleen said...

I have often been very leary about the measurement aspect of NCLB. Were all students accessed correctly? I realize that NCLB was created to improve the scores of low achievers, but what about those already in the top precentile. Are they being challenged to reach their potential or are they being "pulled down" to accommodate their fellow students who are not as academically fortunate as they?
I really don't know how this problem can be solved. Until NCLB is either eliminated or revised, I don't foresee any advantages for the "gifted" students.

Dr. Luongo said...

Excellent points, Arleen!

What happen to those gifted students? Is their creativity stifled in order to meet the AYP? Is their drive killed by the test prep they must endure?

More ideas to think about...