Friday, April 24, 2009

Worksheets for Teachers

Take a look at this link:

I just found it and plan on using it in my classes.



Donna said...

Thanks, I will definately use this website. I put it in my favorite places and will use it often! Thank you Dr, Luongo, You have given us many helpful sites.

Ron's Blog said...

Another excellent educational resource. Just one question - How do you find all of these very useful sites?

Thank you.

Dr. Luongo said...

I am glad to share.

Ron-- As I research my classes, I find these sites. Some sites come from other educators and some from doing Internet searching. Also, i read many educational journals and blogs and get ideas from them.

I found this particular site when I was searching for a worksheet for my SE370 undergraduate class on HSPA writing. I wanted to show them a place they could find free pre-writing tools.

Thanks for the feedback!

Monica said...

Thanks for the site!!!

I save all sites that you and other classmates post to my favorites to use when I start teaching!