Tuesday, October 14, 2008

BrainPop Blog

At the NJAET conference, I met with a BrainPop representative who showed me this blog site.


There are a variety of lesson plans, graphic organizers, movies, and other cool teaching tools. Enjoy!


allisyn said...

Hi Professor Luongo! Thanks so much for spreading the word about BrainPOP Educators. I wanted to let you know we've got a special promotion going on right now for Classroom subscriptions. Check out the blog for more details. Please feel free to contact me if you or your students have any feedback to improve BrainPOP Educators!


Director, BrainPOP Educators

tpalm44 said...

I have seen some BrainPop videos and really enjoyed them! Tim and Moby are awesome and I know students will love them! BrianPop also provides excellent visuals for those visual learners.