Thursday, April 17, 2008

Final Blog Assignment

This is the end of the official blog assignment. The final date to officially post and respond is Friday, April 25.

At that point, you should have at least 15- 20 blog postings. With that said, I am not being "picky" on the amount of postings, but rather looking at the content and how active you were in posting and responding.

If you have any questions about your status, please let me know. However, if I was concerned with you, you would probably know it by now. ;)

So, on to the final assignment....

Please use your next posting (or two or three...) to reflect on your blog.
  • Write about your blog.
  • Discuss what you originally thought of the assignment
  • Explain what you learned by using it.
  • Do you think it was an effective assignment?
  • What could make it more effective next semester?
  • Would you use it in your future teaching?

Thanks. And again, your blog writing this term was nothing less than amazing.

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