Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Garden

I found this quote today, and thought of this past semester:

Teachers who inspire know that teaching is like cultivating a garden, and those who would have nothing to do with thorns must never attempt to gather flowers.
~Author Unknown

As I considered my Spring 2009 semester, this quote just fit. My semester was like cultivating a garden-- a very diverse garden. I had three wonderful undergraduate classes as well as two graduate classes. Three of these classes were online, and two were face-to-face. I had students in these classes that ranged in age from 18 or 19 to ___ (age not listed to protect the innocent)! Some of my students were full-time students, nannies, lifeguards, teachers, administrators, and full-time homemakers. Some were taking their first class!
Yet, you were all growing. You were growing at different rates and in different ways. Some needed lots of light. Some did not. Some needed to be watered everyday--sometimes 7 times a day. Some did not need a lot of water. You all grew into beautiful plants. Some were flowers; others were trees. However, in the end, you all grew.

Thank you, my garden, for a splendid semester. I wish you are half as lucky as me to have students just like you.


md said...

Many thanks to you Dr. Luongo - You are a wonderful gardener!

Monica said...

Hi Professor!

I just now read this posting (a few months late) but with summer class and working it’s been rough ;o)

I thought your class in the spring semester was great!!!

Thank you so much for always be there to answer questions and give pointers on assignments that were due. (I’ve used the webquest and lesson plan in a few other classes and have gotten get feedback from other professors)

I still plan on keeping up with my blog; which I will start once the summer sessions are through.

Thanks again! And I hope to keep in touch.