Friday, February 29, 2008

Questions for the Interviewer

You will all be interviewing VERY soon for teaching jobs.

So, you get the interview... You answer all of the required questions. What comes next?

Most candidates will have an opportunity to ask questions. These questions should be prepared in advance.

You should have several questions in mind before you arrive for the interview.

Here are some examples:

•What are you looking for in a teacher?
•How does the teaching staff support new teachers?
•Are teachers encouraged to earn advanced degrees?
•What is the teacher/student ratio in your district?
•How supportive is the community?
•Do your schools use teacher aides or parent volunteers?
•What allowances are provided for supplies and materials?
•Does the administration encourage field trips for students?
•What textbooks does the district use in this subject area?
•How are teachers assigned to extra-curricular activities? Is compensation provided?
•What technology is available in the district?
•Do teachers participate in curriculum review and change?
•What are prospects for future growth in this community and its schools?
•What support staff members are available to help students and teachers?

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